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Principle and precautions of internal expansion spring collet and chuck

2020-03-05 12:03

Principle and precautions of internal expansion spring colletand chuck:

In the operation of lathe or grinder, parts are often located in the inner hole. When machining, not only the accuracy is required to be high, but also the surface to be clamped shall not be damaged. Therefore, the internal expansion type spring collets of various structures came into being.

Chuck is a mechanical device used to clamp workpiece on machine tools. A machine tool accessory that uses the radial movement of the movable claws evenly distributed on the chuck body to clamp and position the workpiece. Chuck is usually installed on the lathe, external grinder, and internal grinder. It can also be used with various indexing devices for milling machines and drilling machines.

According to the material of different products and the needs of machine tools and equipment, we choose the internal expansion type spring collet and chuck. LONNZ is a professional collet customization manufacturer. Raw materials are ordered in large quantities, with stable and unified performance. Self-built salt bath heat treatment workshop, three salt bath heat treatment can provide chuck auxiliary design and peripheral accessories, one-stop purchase!

Below we will share the precautions for the use of the internal expansion spring collet and chuck in detail:

1. When installing and inspecting or lubricating spring collets and chucks, please be sure to turn off all power supply to ensure the safety of operators.

2. Do not operate the change-over valve when the spindle is rotating.

3. The number of turns of spring collet and chuck shall be selected according to the cutting conditions to prevent the working object from flying out and shall not exceed the allowable limit.

4. Before closing the safety door, do not start the spindle switch to avoid the workpiece or claw flying out.

5. Do not change the collet at will to avoid damaging the collet. If the collet or claw is worn or damaged, it shall be replaced immediately to prevent the workpiece from flying out during operation.

6. The internal expansion type spring collet and chuck shall be lubricated regularly to avoid the bearing rusting or component wear leading to the reduction of processing accuracy.

7. Before installing the spring collet, the clamp spring must be installed into the lock nut, and then the lock nut installed with the clamp spring shall be slightly screwed on the extension bar or the tool handle. After the tool is installed, it can be clamped by hand and put into operation.

8. In order to obtain excellent service performance, please clean the clamp spring, lock nut thread part, locating surface and cone surface before installing the spring collet.

High precision internal expansion spring collet

High precision internal expansion spring collet