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Characteristics and purchasing tips of high precision tool spring collet holder

2020-03-07 10:03

Characteristics and purchasing tips of high precision tool spring collet holder:

The concentricity and rigidity of the collet chuck and the vibration play a very important role in the tool holder, which will greatly improve the production efficiency of the machining process.

The main features of precision tool collet holders include concentricity, clamping force, balance, and stiffness.

LONNZ has strict quality standards for spring collet products such as concentricity, conicity, smoothness, dimensional accuracy, heat treatment process, and raw materials. The collet chuck produced by our company has gained a good reputation because of its high precision, long service life, and reasonable price. It is a successful model for the localization of imported accessories.

Here LONNZ tells you how to choose a suitable high-precision tool spring collet according to the main characteristics of precision tool spring collet holders!

1. Concentricity.

When considering the selection criteria for tool collet holders, concentricity or runout comes first. When you perform high precision or high speed machining, the first thing you need is a constant cutting force. Oscillation makes eccentricity a detrimental effect on accuracy. The requirement for concentricity starts with the connection between the spindle and the tool holder. The goal is that the rotation axis of the tool must be exactly the same axis as the main axis.

Another requirement for concentricity is the relative concentricity between the shank and the tool holding surface. The diameter of the hole is 0.005mm to the TIR of the tapered surface, which is very important for repeatable and precise metal cutting. The user expects the repeat accuracy to be 0.005mm or better. How (or where) the pendulum is measured is also important. Many types of tool collet holders can claim that the TIR value of the tool tip is small, but the TIR value on the cutting edge cannot be guaranteed. The Longzhou Li tool spring collet holder enables the user to adjust the TIR value on the cutting edge to be close to 0 in less than 45s.

2. Holding force.

The clamping force is another important characteristic of the tool holder. The spring collet is held at 360 °, and the inner sleeve clamps the tool holder. It has a good position repeatability. Convenient to obtain good runout, excellent grip and clamping strength.

3. Balance.

Tool collet holders designed for high-precision, high-speed machining have been naturally balanced to a good degree, and they are constantly being improved.

4. Stiffness.

Stiffness is important, and the total length of the tool is also an issue here. With the use of higher spindle speeds and the need to process different materials across the entire speed range in many companies, the rigidity of the cutting tool has become an important factor in the quality and capacity of the machining.

The tool collet holder is designed for the tool to rotate around the center, so the rigidity of the combination of the tool and the holder under the processing load is very important. The design of the tool holder should be as robust (robust) and as short as possible under the conditions of tolerance.

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high precision tool spring collet holder

high precision tool spring collet holder